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Hybrid Helmet Cover
Hybrid Helmet Cover
Hybrid Helmet Cover

Hybrid Helmet Cover

This Flag ship product was conceived after a gnarly deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. After being frustrated with shoe goo, duct tape, adhesive Velcro, and spray paint, I created a product to alleviate tactical arts and crafts time in the team room. Often duplicated, but never equaled, the hybrid cover will easily accommodate and secure all your head-borne mission essentials.


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Variable Pattern

Variable XT

Variable Cross Terrain (XT) is the flag ship concealment design, and parent to the Variable family of patterns. A culmination of two years of field research and development, it was the center piece of our submission to the United States Army's Camouflage Improvement Program.

Variable Alpine

Variable Alpine (AP) is our solution for superior concealment in coniferous and deciduous high mountain terrain. It utilizes our proprietary Pattern Fusion Technology and complex color palette to excel in performance in and above the tree line. 

Variable Arid

Variable Arid (AR) is our book end pattern for creating superior concealment in an environment where the terrain is inhospitable and very difficult to hide.

Variable storm

Variable Storm (ST) By conducting a tireless color analysis study of snow in varying arctic environments, we produced a solution to safe guard your contrast to background.

Variable Nightfall

Variable Nightfall (NF) When the Law enforcement community spoke we listened, producing a high performing distinct color palette to support the sensitive nature and technical aspects of their mission.

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